Proxy for Instagram

To successfully promote your account in Instagram, you need to use proxies. This tool allows you to perform actions that are recognized as the activity of a unique visitor. Using a proxy will help to avoid blocking when performing work from a shared server, as well as when a user has several accounts on a social network.

Proxy application methods for installations
In the process of promotion of a social network account, proxies are used for the following promotion methods:
— Mass-following. It involves ensuring a mass subscription that increases the number of visitors to a blog. With the help of individual IPs it is possible to «roll» a large number of follow-ups.
— Mass-following. The procedure is similar to the above method. It consists in ensuring a mass visit to the profile, with subsequent actions: liking, and subscription.

For what purpose are proxies used in Instagram, and by whom.
Proxies, as a simulator of IP addresses, are suitable for promoting two or more accounts. With their help, you can save your account in Instagram from being blocked.
The IP Address Simulator is used for the following purposes:
— traffic arbitrage;
— secure access from the external network;
— advertisement placement;
— protect your account from unauthorized intrusion and attacks;
— restrict access to the external network;
— anonymity when using resources.

The tool can be applied by both experienced «users» Instagram, and beginning users of a social network who have made decisions to promote a personal blog.

What types of proxies are used for Instagram?
You can find four basic types of IP addresses on a network:
1. Paid. The service offers a dedicated IP address. With its help you can promote 2-3 accounts in the social network. It differs from the rest at a higher price.
2. free of charge. On the one hand, this type can be used without extra costs, which is what many network users do. On the other hand, it is possible to block the account.
3. Bundled. The average category between paid and free proxies. Used by users who study traffic via Instagram, or work in multiple accounts.
4. Cell phones. Used to bypass a series of locks. Connection is made through the IP address of the cellular operator. Difficulties may occur in multiple registrations as well as in performing large volume of tasks.
5. Public. Public IP addresses used by a mass of Internet users. The disadvantage is the high risk of getting under the network blocking.
6. Private. They have different levels of anonymity. Proxies with low and medium anonymity can be identified by Instagram network, which leads to a «ban». Only private proxies with high anonymity can be avoided.

How to use proxies for Instagram
The quality and efficiency of Instagram account promotion depends on many factors. Let us consider the basic rules and recommendations:
— If you use several automatic services for blog promotion in Instagram, you should use proxies. In this way it is possible to reduce the risk of blocking;
— For blog promotion it is better to use high-speed protocol IPv6, which has a higher security level;
— IPv4 protocol is widely spread over networks and subnets, which is considered an important factor when promoting multiple accounts;
— The HTTPS and SOCKS5 formats have no significant impact on these targets and are supported by the default network;
— Proxies must match the geographical location of the blog.

Spreading a blog Instagram without headaches, with minimal risk of blocking, is possible only when using a proxy. Their use guarantees the security of your profile. If you do not use a dedicated IP address, you may lose access to an account that has been popular with other users on the network and could bring profit to its owner.